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About Kabbo Enterprises Private Ltd.

KABBO has evolved into a multifaceted engineering offering world-class products and solutions spanning several segments. Kabbo.’s businesses encompass manufacturing, industrial sales, distribution, and service. Kabbo is respected for its values-based operations and builds deep relationships with all its stakeholders. This endeavor helped in the modernization and growth of the India/Bangladesh textile industry, which now holds a strong position in the both country. Kabbo today is recognized as a growing in textile engineering in India/ Bangladesh, offering end to end solutions across the textile value chain.


“To enhance customer satisfaction and our image globally and achieve exponential growth to leadership through world class products and service.”


“To deliver greater value to our customers by providing complete competitive solutions through technological leadership and manufacturing excellence that are responsive to dynamic market needs.”


  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Learning and sharing
  • Contribution to Industry and Society


Kabbo Enterprises Private Ltd.  represents over 10 principals in the domains of textile engineering, value added equipment for textiles and accessorie. The principals represented include world leaders in their respective fields from across the globe. Kabbo enjoys excellent and long standing relationship with all its principals; some are as long as over seven decades! This reflects Kabbo’s thrust on long-term partnership based on competence, trust, commitment and mutual respect.

Danti Paolo Textile Finishing Machines, Italy

DANTI PAOLO company is a manufacturer of textile finishing machines, specialised in surface finishing machines for fabrics. We design our machines with 3D CAD workstations on the base of more than 85 years of experience, always in close relationship with our customers to be able to catch the new trends of the market and in co-operation with experts and technologists to have always state of the art solutions.

Changde Textile Machinery CO, China

Changde Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd., is a subsidiary of Jingwei Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd. Which is a listed company belongs to SINOMACH, We are specialized in the production of more then 9 series of warp knitting machine, such as high speed warp knitting machine , double need bed warp knitting machine and multi-axial warp knitting machine for industrial cloth.

Keumyong Textile Machinery, Korea

. KEUMYONG, a lasting company which creates differentiated customer value under the vision of quality first by developing sustainable innovative technologies that enrich people’s lives, fulfill social responsibility, and further human prosperity. We continue to innovate to build the right circular knitting machine for our clients across the globe.

Yihuang Dyeing Manufacturer Company, China

Yihuang is a joint-venture enterprise, which manufactures dyeing and finishing equipment such as high temperature, air-liquid dyeing machine, low liquor ratio overflow dyeing machine, Medium-batch overflow dyeing machine, Stenter Frame Range etc. We have modernized workshops, scientific management system, we have the large-scale laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, automatic plasma welding machine and other advanced equipment as well as first-class technology.

Semyung Electric Machinery CO LTD, Korea

SEMYUNG establishment in 1962 has grown into a company specializing in the production of non-ferrous metal products based on the know-how of casting, forging and processing technology accumulated for a long time. In order to provide high quality products at competitive prices and to satisfy our customers, we are equipped with the perfect production system including dedicated non-ferrous screw hydraulic forging machines (4000/2500/1600 ton) and the latest processing facilities. We will continue to do our best to supply the best quality sectional beams. 

Changzhou Fusi Business CO, China

Changzhou Fusi Business Co., Ltd is a professional and high-new technological manufacturer in the field of warping machine. The company specializes in the production of Copy warping machine, Spandex warping machine and Ribbon, Split Yarn, High precision Copy warping Machines.

J.K.S Enterprises Private Ltd, China

JKS Machinery as one of the leading woven-tape machine manufacture .we adopt the latest technology and high-level equipment to our products. We manufacture the world-best Needle Loom Machine, Computer Jacquard Needle Loom Machine, Braiding Machine, Warping Machine, Rolling Machine, Ironing Machine, Spare parts and Accessories.

CEIA, Italy

CEIA began the design and production of solid state metal detectors for textile machinery protection right from its foundation, in the 1960s, offering since then top performances in terms of sensitivity and immunity to environmental interference. To date, tens of thousands of CEIA TE devices, installed all over the world, protect textile machineries from possible damage caused by the presence of metal contaminants, with uninterrupted reliability and constant performance.