E2288A Series Warp Knitting Machine

E2288A Series Warp Knitting Machine

Machine Application

The machine uses various of fibers , such as Polyester, Polyamide ,Acrylic ,Spandex etc. to produce plain ,mesh or elastic grey fabric. After finishing process ,the fabrics can be made into garments, sportswear , swimmingwear, elastic or non—elastic embroidered mesh fabric, embroidered silk cloth, shoes fabric, bedspread and curtain etc.

Technical Specifications

Type Description
Machine type
E2288A-136 | E2288A-158| E2288A-190
Double Needle
E16, E18, E22
Working width (mm)
3454, 4013, 4826
No. of guide bars
6Bars (4 ground bars,2 Pile bars)
Trace Plate Space (mm)
Max.Knitting Speed (Courses/min)
720 | 700 | 650
Pattern drive device
Pattern Discs -with the machine; Pattern Chains-optional for customers
Let-off device
EBC Yarn Let-off Device(Roller let-off on Pile bar)
Take-up device
Electronic Take-up device
Max. fabric batching diameter (mm)
Dia.of sectioinal beam (mm)
Ground Bars: 535x535(21' x 21'), 762 x 535(30" x 21") Pile Bars: 765 x 535 (30' x 21'), 1016 x 535(40" x 21)
Total machine power (kW)

Manufactured by: CHANGDE, China