E2298 Series Warp Knitting Machine

E2298 Series Warp Knitting Machine

Machine Application

it is double needle bars machine which makes short pile fabrics. By using polyester, polyamid, acrylic,
polypropylene and viscose or natural fibers such as spinning cotton yarn, blended yarns, its products
couuld be made for garments, shoe fabrics, hometextile fabrics and auto cushions etc.

Technical Specifications

Type Description
Machine type
Latch Needle
E22, E24, E26
Working width (mm)
84", 136", 154"
No. of guide bars
7Bars (3 Pile Bars)
Trace Plate Distance(mm)
0.8 - 6
Mak. Knitting Speed (courses/min)
Pattern drive device
EL device
Let-off device
EBC let-off system
Take-up device
Electronic Take-up device
Max. fabric batching diameter (mm)
Dia.of sectioinal beam (mm)
1016 x 535(40" x 21") or 762 x 535(30" x 21")
Total machine power(kW)

Manufactured by: CHANGDE, China