E2528 Warp Knitting Machine

E2528 Warp Knitting Machine

Machine Application

The machine uses various of fibers such as polyester, polyamide, acrylic, spandex, textured filament yarns, blended yarns to knit plain fabrics, stereo fabrics, elastic fabrics and kinds of pile fabrics which could be made into garments, home textile fabrics and industrial-using fabrics after finishing process.

Technical Specifications

Type Description
Machine type
E2528/4M-136 | E2528/4M-186 | E2528/4M-218 | E2528/4M-280
Compound Needle
E24, E26, E28
Working width (mm)
136"(3454mm), 186"(4724mm), 218"(5537mm), 280"(7112mm)
No. of guide bars
No. of guide bars
Mak Speed
L1:4mm (Max.) L1:6mm (Max.)
Density Range
6 - 30 courser/cm
Sectional Beam Size
535x535 ( 21 x 21" ) ; 762x535 ( 30' x 21" ) ; 1066x535 ( 42" x 30" )
Total machine power (kW)
Main Motor: 11KW; Inching Motor: 0.75KW
8000KG | 9000KG | 10000KG | 13000KG

Manufactured by: CHANGDE, China