FS5118 Copy Warping Machine

FS5118 Copy Warping Machine

Machine Application

FS5118 Copy Warping machine with good function has a closed circuit tension to ensure the eternally fixed and accurate of the yarn, The micro-computer realtime monitoring system can detect beam’s diameters in succession and regulate the tension at all time to make sure that diametes of a group of beams are equal


  1. Beam size: 21″ x Dia. 21″(inch), 21″x Dia.30″(inch)
  2.  Speed: 100-1000m/min
  3.  Control way: computer real-time controlled and monitor
  4.  Tension roller: real-time adjusting yarn tension in closed loop control
  5. Beam up and down, clamping and brake pneumatically operated
  6.  Main motor: 7.5KW AC-frequency controlled with constantlinear speed and closed circuit
  7. Brake torque: 1600NM
  8. Air connection: 6bar
  9. Copy precision: the outer perimeter are the same when the circles are the same, the meter mistake less than 5m 10. Max. count range: 99999 meters(circle)

Feature 1. According to mother beam copy same group of beams 2.The micro-computer real-time monitoring system can detect beams diameters in succession and regulate the tension at all time to make sure that diameters, out perimeter and length of aset of beams are equal 3. Tension roller adjusts yarn tension by closed circuit tension, and then makes yarn tension stably 4. The machine can give an alarm when it is in errors so calculation precision is high 5. Revising warping parameter on line: Mother beam can revise warping length and sub-beam can revise outer perimeter and length 6. The beams load and unload is driven pneumatically, up and down straight line so it runs steadily and orientates accurately 7. Main shaft brake pneumatically, Roller adopts electric brake 8.Operation is easy and can simulate the beams group

Made in China