FS5210 High Class Copy Warping Machine

FS5210 High Class Copy Warping Machine

FS5210 High Class Copy Warping Machine, unique creation by high class purpose adopts computer frequer conversation controlled technology, frequency, servodriven unit and PLC to real communication control, reaches the international leading level. It is suitable for warping cotton yarn, polyamide and polyester filament, low elastic polyester fiber, viscose, and short-fiber yarn such as brocade yarn.


  1. Beam: 21″xDia 21″(inch), 21″ x Dia.30″(inch)
  2. Speed: 50-1000m/min
  3.  Main motor: 7.5KW frequency motor
  4.  Tension roller motor: 3.7KW servo motor
  5. Pneumatically driven on yarn storage, beam loading and unloading, beam clampand loose
  6. .Auto-identified beam type, clean/operation, brake moment etc
  7.  Max counting: 100000m(circles)
  8. Original beam data: 2groups
  9. Copy precision(>3000 circles): same rolls, the deviation of same group beams circumference less than 0.25%


New type, simple operation, intelligent identification, auto-reservation of data, electronic gear, auto-controlled inspecting machine and power cut protection system, also with the reed and support is overall waving. the guide reed could move up and down for extending service life

Made in China