FS5328 Ribbon Warping Machine

FS5328 Ribbon Warping Machine

Machine Application

FS5328 Ribbon Warping Machine is developed based on the technology of original spandex one. As higher quality one, which uses electric parts from Inovance company, operates easily for all kinds of spandex or blend ribbons.


  1. Beam size: 7″xDia. 14″(inch)(mm) for narrow ribbon weaving and knitting
  2. Max. Speed 200m/min
  3. Pre-drafting value: 10-200%, final drafting value: 3-100%
  4. Control pneumatically and good stable, short distance for brake and good synchronization
  5.  The quantity of cones is 84 or according to the customer requirement
  6.  Beam, front roller, creel yarn stop distance between frame errors


  1. The design is new, reasonable, simply, stable and reliable
  2.  Electric parts from well known supplier so that the quality is stable and reliable, the control precision is good and operation is easy
  3. The creel design is advanced and used for all kinds of spandex for ribbon
  4. Safety function such as power break, missing phase, short of air pressure, etc
  5.  Equipped with Camera stop scan

Made in China