FS5358 Split Yarn Warping Machine

FS5358 Split Yarn Warping Machine

FS5358 Split yarn warping machine is suitable for yarn like polyester, polyamide etc. The mother yarn is made of a number of monofilament. The advantages of this machine can save material cost, workroom space and improve production efficiency. That mainly composed by creel, yarn guider, back drawing roller, tension bars, split yarn collection board, front drawing roller and warper head. Each strand of mother yarn is tensioned by a torque motor to get an initial tension, the back drawing rollers draws the mother monofilament yarn from the creel to the yarn collection board through several tension bars. The mother yarn is split from the collection board; the front drawing roller draws the split single yarn to the beam. The liner speed is stable, and tension is controlled within little wave.


  1. Beam size: 21″ x 21 “x Dia.30″(inch), 21″xDia.21″(inch)
  2.  Warper capacity: by customer’s æquest
  3. ‘Speed: 50• 750m/min
  4. Active Let-off creel
  5. Qty.of mothier yarn strands, 72, 80, 8Bcones
  6.  Single-strand mother yarn torque motor With slight adjusting
  7.  Leveling Roller(drawing roller) two sets with servo or inverter controlled, with slight adjusting
  8. Drop stop device
  9.   Main motor: 7.5KW AC frequency conversion control
  10. Contrcl mode: computer real-time control, touch screen and interface


  1. Advanced intelligently distinguish human-computer interface, all data can saved automatically
  2. Speed tracking servo control and automatic control detection function
  3. Computer real-time testing, intelligently control tension
  4.  Load and unload teams pneumatically driving, go up and downstraightly, move stable and fix accurately
  5.  Main shaft is driven pneumatically so braking is fast and stable 6.Warping Tension is similar, wave is little and beam is smooth

Made in China