FS5618 Spandex Warping Machine

FS5618 Spandex Warping Machine

FS5618 Spandex Warping Machine with 5 pcs high performance servo motors adopts high precision laser to measure distance, so the warper is stable, well equipped and easy to operate, It is suitable for warping all kinds of spandex, especially for requirement of high quality warp knitting clothing.


  1. Beam size: 210xDia.
  2. Speed: 300m/min
  3. Pre-drafting: 0-200%, final draft: 15%-100%
  4.  Brake time less than 0.6 seconds, the deviation of stop synchronization less than +3%
  5. Creel capacity: from 616 to 896 cones, etc, or according to customer requirement
  6. Servo Motor: Warper head, Warper head roller, Tension roller, Creel
  7.  Total power consumption:<10KVA


  1. lt’s driven in-phase by 5 pcs high performance servo motors, the warper head, leveling roller, tension roller and creel(L&R) are driven by servo motor for eliminating some problerms such as noise, maintenance and damager which caused by traditional mechanical drive
  2. Adopts imported PLC, big colored smart touch screen, bus- mastering, Which improves controlling precision and stability
  3.  To ensure the precision of beam, adopts high precious laser to measures and monitors winding perimeter of beam
  4.  Protection system with capacity to avoid the issures caused by power break, no phrase, no pressure and so on
  5.  With various different spandex yarn bobbins compensation curves, ensures same batch beams winding circles are same, and material net weight also same, consistent rest yarn on creel, for customersaving the plentyof material cost
  6.  High precision cam scan stop device to ensure stop immediately during missing ends and yarn broken
  7.  The system is equipped with self-diagnosed function which can monitor the condition in real time and yarn tension make sure the system safety and precision

Made in China