- K7000 - Combined Polishing And Shearing Machine

- K7000 - Combined Polishing And Shearing Machine

Machine Application

The Combined Polishing and Shearing machine K7000 is specially suited to give to your fabrics and higher quality and have new finishing effects.

The machine is composed of a Polishing unit, with a chrome plated Polishing roller with electric heating and by a Shearing unit composed of a shearing roller with first quality shearing blades and a strong structure to ensure a powerful cutting of the fibers.


The Polishing unit is composed by :

Polishing roller, made in steel with hard chrome plate and 4 helical grooves. The Polishing roller is driven by AC motor with inverter. The heating of the Polishing roller is carried out by 18 electric resistors with independent power supply for the center and for the sides, in order to control the temperature of the cylinder and have a constant temperature on all the width.

The fabric is brought in contact with the Polishing roller, by a driven felt, with adjustment of the contact driven by motor and controlled by Touch Screen, for perfect reproducibility.

The approaching felt is equipped with automatic seams jump device, which moves away the felt at the passage of the seams and with an automatic fabric tensioning system, that keeps fabric tension constant, also when felt is moving away.


The shearing unit is well tested with all the DANTI PAOLO shearing machines and features the following advantages:

• Higher power of shearing; even the toughest fibers can be sheared without problems.
• Higher production; It is possible to process at higher speed, without losing quality.
• Longer life of the blades sharpness; more meters of fabric between one sharpening and the other.
• Sharp angle of cutting for efficient cutting and lowest weight loss.

The shearing height is set by the Touch Screen and the shearing roller is driven by Inverter.

The cutting stand is shifting away automatically at the passage of the seams and moves in such a way that the fabric keeps a constant tension also during shifting.

The shape of the cutting stand is made in such a way that the fabric is perfectly opened at the shearing point and the fiber is well exposed to the shearing, in order to obtain highest efficiency.


The motion of the fabric is driven by 2 motors with Inverter, for a perfect control of fabric tension and is controlled by Touch Screen.

The fabric tension roller is suitable also to overfeed the fabric in order to avoid any tension to the fabric and avoid any stretching.

The Combined Polishing and Shearing machine is controlled by PLC and is equipped with Touch Screen for the control of all the machine’s functions. The Touch Screen is equipped with an advanced troubleshooting system with clear trouble shooting instructions and images. Moreover the machine is supplied with modem, for remote troubleshooting.

The following accessories are available according to the type of fabric to be processed :

• Steaming unit at inlet.
• Metal Detector.
• Fabric Centering device.
• Decurling rollers.
• Antistatic bar.
• Spare shearing unit.


For the processing of high pile fabrics, such as acrylic blankets, acrylic furs and so on, it is available a Tigering unit, composed of a metallic brush in strong wire, to comb and open the fibre and prepare it for Polishing and Shearing operation.

A counter-brush is cleaning the tigering brush from the fibers.