Machine Application

Are the most productive single jersey machines incorporating computer designed solid type closed camming giving positive needle control to ensure perfect stitch definition and high quality single jersey coarse fabrics at super high production and effciency rates with mininum operative maintenance costs.

*Cylinder diameters, needles per inch, number of feeds are as described above, so please order the machine according to requirements.

*Cylinder cams for machines with 2 to 4 cam tracks are 3position select available by changing cams. For single jersey machines when machine is ordered with 4 cam tracks in the cylinder, 4 knit cams, 1 tuck and 1 welt cams are supplied with the machine as standard per feed. Others are optional.

*AC Motor with inverter control unit.

* Plating fabrics can be knitted by provided yarn carrier and yarn carrier plates are purchased. * Positive yarn feeding device.

* Side creel stand with double tie.

* Venti-Cleaner. *Spreader size ring system.

* Speed of machine depend upon yarn used, knitting condition, gauge etc. The machine speed can be either increased or decreased. So, please select the optimum speed for the the machine according to the machine condition. The speed figures given this table are given only as guide.

Manufactured by: KEUMYONG, Korea