S1000MK2 - rush/Sueding Machine For Knitting Fabrics

S1000MK2 - rush/Sueding Machine For Knitting Fabrics

Machine Application

The S1000 MK2 is the latest development of the Brush/Sueding machine model S1000, which was introduced by DANTI PAOLO company in 1999.

The machine is suitable to process woven and knitted fabrics and gives a special finish called PEACH SKIN effect, that makes the fabrics softer and more pleasant to the touch.

The machine is equipped with:

– 6 ABRASIVE BRUSHES in SILICON CARBIDE (carbon), CERAMIC, or other abrasive means, independently controlled by AC motors with inverters;
– 6 APPROACHING ROLLERS that are setting independently the contact of the fabric with the brush, thanks to an innovative approaching system that keeps a constant distance between the brush and the approaching roller.

The INDEPENDENT CONTROL of each of the 6 units, allows to set independently :

  • The sense of rotation of each Brush/Sueding roller. 
  • The rotating speed of each Brush/Sueding roller. 
  • The approaching of the fabric to each Brush/Sueding roller.

The FABRIC TENSION is AUTOMATICALLY CONTROLLED thanks to the feedback from 3 separate dancing rollers, an AUTOMATIC SEAMS DETECTOR ensures that the seams are not damaged, yet with a minimum fabric waste (only 5cm of unprocessed fabric before and after the seam).

The 6 INDIVIDUAL DUST SUCTION BOXES ensure a perfect removal of the powder produced during the brush/sueding process, in fact the 6 brushes are perfectly enclosed in the dust suction boxes, to avoid the dust to be dispersed.


  • Perfect stretching of the fabric on the brushes, to avoid lines. 
  • Possibility to have an higher arch of contact of the fabric with the brushes 
  • Minimising the amount of unbrushes area at the edges.

The machine has control by Touch Screen in various languages, with memorization of processing parameters, backup on USB port, remote connection for troubleshooting through smartphone.