Single Drum Raising Machine

Single Drum Raising Machine

Machine Application

The raising machine R9000 is the result of the long experience of DANTI PAOLO company, who started manufacturing raising machines in 1935. The machine is controlled by PLC, with operator interface by Color Touch Screen and drive by AC motors with vector control Inverters.

The Raising machine R9000 is manufactured in several models suitable to process any kind of fabrics and is available with 24, 28, 30 and 36 raising rollers, in widths from mm.1800 to mm.3600; various accessories are available according to the kind of fabric to be processed and to customer’s production requirements.

The use of PLC for total control of machine’s operation allows to have the following additional functions:

  • INDEPENDENT MOTION OF THE AXLES to change the raising fillet on the machine.
  • AUTOMATIC RAISING to have the same raising power when changing fabric speed or drum speed.
  • ZERO RAISING to cancel immediately the raising power with drum still rotating and fabric in motion, to avoid breaking of the seams.
  • MEMORIZATION of processing parameters in the machine memory, to recall them in the future.
  • MEMORIZATION of processing parameters in the machine memory, to recall them in the future.

The use of vector control inverters, with our exclusive energy recovery system, allows to have the following advantages:

  • RECOVERY OF ENERGY from the Pile and Fabric tension motors in favor of the Drum, Counterpile and Fabric speed motors.
  • NO PHASE DISPLACEMENT to avoid reactive energy and have energy saving.
  • NO PEAK AT START-UP to decrease energy consumption.

All the raising parameters are constantly monitored by the PLC which is controlling the Inverters in order to make a real-time correction and have a perfect balancing of raising powers.

Thanks to this control system, the tension of the fabric can be controlled very precisely and the power of raising can be modulated with a wide range, from a gentle napping action, to a powerful raising action. The fabric is raised with the minimum possible stress, to reduce fabric stretching, but with the maximum efficiency.

The machine is equipped with metallic cleaning brushes for cleaning and sharpening of the raising fillet and allow a longer life or raising fillets. The cleaning brushes are turning in synchronization with the main drum and are equipped with safety disconnection unit and automatic synchronization system.

Manufactured by: Danti Paolo E. C. SRL, Italy