Vertical Shearing Machine

Vertical Shearing Machine

Machine Application

The vertical shearing machine DP 7 V Designed with two superimposed shearing units, this layout allows a considerable saving of space, without jeopardizing the simplicity of operation of the machine.

The DP 7 V Vertical Shearing machine is available in two main versions:

  • Shearing twice the same face in one passage. 
  • Shearing once both faces in one passage.

The heart of the machine, the shearing unit, is the already well tested DP 7 single unit shearing machine.

This shearing unit, thanks to a particular position of the ledger blade in respect of the shearing roller, allows you have the following advantages:

  • A higher shearing power. 
  • A higher production than a conventional machine. 
  • A longer life of the blades. 
  • The possibility to shear the fabric surface very low.

The drive of the various axles is through AC motors with power supply by Inverters, the control of the machine is through PLC with Touch Screen.

All the machine ’s functions are controlled and displayed with the Touch Screen, with digital display of fabric speed and tension, shearing height and troubleshooting.

The electronic control system allows you to have the following ADVANTAGES

    The data of fabric speed and tension, shearing height, shearing roller and velveting roller ’s speed are stored in the PLC memory and are easily recalled.
    With an optional module it is possible to connect the machine to the central computer system, for production supervision.
    All the machines are equipped with WiFi card, for remote connection with DANTI PAOLO service centre, through smartphone, to perform troubleshooting of electronic devices.

The machine can be supplied complete with the following ACCESSORIES

– Seams detector with magnetic induction
– Metal Detector;
– Special cutting stand with piano system for selvedge protection.
– Fabric centering unit with photocells;
– Brush at exit;
– Spare shearing unit;
– Automatic lubrication;
– Dust suction and recovery plant;

These options can be discussed to match your ideal requirements.